Quality Assurance

At CGS our first decision was to ensure that our clients can discuss their experience in confidence with an independent expert.  We reckoned this safety valve would be crucial for a small firm offering a personal, often intimate service.

We want our clients to be assured of a professional and sensible response to any perceived discomfort or shortcomings in our service.  We also want to gather dispassionate feedback for our own continuous improvement.

Each client is given the contact details of our Quality Assessor at the start of her or his programme.  Charlotte Matthaei performs this role on an unpaid, voluntary basis to assure her independence.  She is a former customer (directing clients to) and client (receiving a programme from) Rod Chamberlain and is therefore familiar with his work and methods.

Charlotte will make contact at a random point once the programme is well under way, to seek feedback and to ensure that the programme is delivering according to the original agreed proposal.  And a client is of course absolutely welcome to contact Charlotte at any time with positive or negative comment on his or her experience. 

Our clients should also know that their consultant has his own supervisor for his own professional support.  Gil Parsons provides this supervision.