Who we work with

At CGS we focus on individuals, so we don't specialise in any particular sector. 

We are approached by individuals or an employer, either of whom may become the paying customer.  The individual, always, is the client to whom we owe a duty of complete confidentiality.

Our clients all come to us by word of mouth.  They have either worked with us before or have heard about us from someone who has.

What sort of people are they, and what are they looking for?

Some clients definitely want to do more of the same in their next role, so it's useful for us, and reassuring for them, to demonstrate a broad range of sectoral experience.  You can see ours in Clients by Sector.

It's also necessary to have a wide range of experience and contacts since our clients so often want to, and do, move across sectors - as their Moves Across Sectors show.

We used to say that we specialise in "the language of the Boardroom": that's certainly a USP and we definitely do add serious value for senior people.

And then we discovered that it all works just as well for people in early and mid-career as for those top executives.  The two magic questions "How should I think about the rest of my career?" and "What should I do about it?" apply at least between the ages of 25 to 65.