What we do

CGS exists to enable clients to address two questions:

  • How should I think about the rest of my career?
  • What should I do about it?

These two questions are as relevant in our 20s as in our 60s, and haunt us at all points between.

The keys to answering them are timeless, universal - the heart of everything we do.

To put it in context ...


Think about your working life as a cycle, with three set points:

  • Starting work
  • In work
  • Leaving work.

Each of these points sits at the midpoint of a specialist's turf:


What we do

  • Starting work is the turf of the executive search community, headhunters and recruiters: they find people for their client organisation who are not yet working, or are gainfully employed elsewhere, place them and nurture them into a new role
  • In work is the patch of the executive coach, developing people to maximise their personal potential and their value to their organisation
  • Leaving work is the territory of career guidance, working with people in work but who may be under notice, about to be fired suddenly, out of work already for whatever reason, or gainfully employed while 'wondering and wandering' their way through an often excellent career

Of course there's some overlap, but we're told this model is a useful starting point.

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