Linda is an INSEAD MBA who has had a range of senior general managerial positions across varied industries. 

She was most recently the CEO of Risk Assured, a rapidly growing specialised insurance broker focussed on high net worth life insurance.   Prior to that she managed the Corporate business for Thomson Reuters for many years across Europe the Middle East and Africa.   She also had a stint in the media with management editorial positions in Reuters and CNN.

Crucial to any well-functioning organisation is the ability to hire the right people.   Linda has hired countless employees across a range of positions and had substantial training in what to look for in an interview.     

The interview is still a primary mechanism companies use to make hiring decisions, although it can be a crude and inadequate way of judging an individual's entire career experience and skill set.  A candidate has an hour at most to make their case, often with an interviewer who has barely read their CV.    Each answer counts.  Each answer is an opportunity to tick the relevant box in the interviewer's head and yet many candidates either fail to make the right points or even answer the question.

Linda takes each client through a range of questions standard to most interviews and provides detailed feedback on the answers to help hone their interview techniques.