Here you will find a treasure trove of interesting, useful, amusing and downright quirky items which appeal to Rod's sense of humour or professionalism - or both.  We've grouped them into Transition. Business and Pleasure:

The Top Twenty Tips

Wonderful advice for the incoming CEO or other senior executive.  Carry it with you at all times for at least three months!

Uncle Rod's Deathless One Liners

Some of these appear on our Home Page.  Here is the distilled wisdom of Rod's executive and Boardroom experience, the finest lessons we can offer.  All you need to know about management is here, along with Machiavelli's "The Prince" amd :ao Tsu's "The Art of War"!

Working in the Public Sector

A serious and useful filter for private sector people wondering whether are willing and able to cross the great divide.

The View from the Top - and from the Bottom

... this one is just plain cynical (if accurate).


Logic Problems

If you enjoy these you probably have too much time on your hands!

Washington Post Neologism Contest 2010

Fun for all wordsmiths and phrasemakers.

Tim Cheshire's Spelling Test

Tortuous words, a surefire way to lose your friends at a party.

Railroads and Horses

The definitive answer to a question which I'll bet had never occurred to you: who decided the gauge of the railways?


The definitive definition of bureaucracy

Only the Brave

One of the best short letters ever to The Times (and how true, how true ...)