Moves Across Sectors

Here you may find encouragement if you think you would like to do something different from what you have been doing before.  You may enjoy the sort of moves - in some cases giant leaps - which our clients have made.  They are all real cases.

Private Sector to Public/Voluntary or vice versa

  • The investor relations specialist who became Director of Philanthropy for a famous school
  • The senior corporate executive who moved to running a large region for the National Trust
  • The lecturer in architectural history who joined NHS Digital 
  • The mid-cap corporate CFO who took on probably the biggest FD role in the public sector
  • The private equity CFO who became FD of a major public transport organisation
  • The pharmaceutical CEO who then ran a top-flight national charity
  • The senior civil servant (Grade 2) who became a top-flight executive coach

    New Business Start Ups

    • The technology consultant who set up the food and deli business to die for
    • The lawyer who started a crisis management consultancy
    • The private equity specialist who set up his own fund
    • The Big Pharma executive who started not one but two multi-hundred-million dollar businesses with private equity backing

    Changes of Direction in the Private Sector

    • The car components executive who moved to become a private banker in Geneva
    • The auctioneer who moved to marketing a hedge fund - and back again
    • The global strategist in utilities who moved to run an AIM-listed technology business
    • The global strategist in an engineering technology company who moved to run a utility

    Starting a Plural Career

    • The banker who earned more from non-executive roles than previously as a banker
    • The FTSE 100 Executive Director determined never to be a NED on a FTSE 100 Board
    • The fixed income trader with a property business and a formal religious role
    • The mid-career executive who followed passions for Africa, women's interests, micro-business and the disadvantaged by finding roles for each in a portfolio

    And, just as importantly, there are those who not only never changed sector but indeed never changed jobs - but who now have the confidence and the knowledge to do so if they wish. 

    Meanwhile, at the outset of their careers ...

    The young people behind each of these examples will tell you that, even if there isn't an immediately tangible outcome, just getting your thinking straight and your head in the right place can significantly improve your morale, your search and your interview performance.

    • The graduate who missed the University milk round through illness, and spotted a gap in the market, offering peer-age coaching to them as they hit the first obstacles
    • The University rugby captain who turned professional for two years, then needed a "real" job
    • The ex-Army officer who assumed he'd find a job easily, and resigned his commission into the teeth of the recession