What will it look like?

  • A series of face to face meetings with Rod Chamberlain
  • And, in time, perhaps one or more of our specialist Associates
  • A lot of talking (you) and listening/writing (them)
  • Much thought (both)
  • Serious empathy (them), particularly if your situation is painful
  • Nevertheless, frequent laughter (both)
  • Much homework (you, sometimes them).

Think of your Consultant as a General Practitioner (except that you're not ill)

  • He'll be there to listen to any issues and questions you bring, big or small
  • He will treat them all with equal seriousness and in complete confidence
  • And yes, he does do out-of-hours and weekends
  • He'll give an active and responsive diagnosis
  • He'll use his own skills and experience to address about 90% of your needs
  • He'll call on specialist expertise to cover the rest
  • He'll take responsibility for them within the overall relationship
  • He'll have a quality assurance scheme to assure his performance


  • When it's all over they won't forget you
  • You may even find you have made a lasting friendship!